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Garden maintenance throughout the year

One of the oldest services of our company is continuous garden maintenance and garden care. Since 2008, we have been dealing with garden care and garden construction in and around Budapest.


garden care, hedge cutting

hedge trimming

Hedge trimming

Our goal with garden care

Our customers are companies and condominiums with larger gardens, to whom we regularly go to take care of the garden. We currently travel around the city with 5 vans and work in different districts every day. We repair and operate the irrigation system, if necessary we build a new irrigation system. We can provide an efficient service to partners who sign a contract with us for at least 9 months and to whom we can regularly visit several times a month to maintain the green surfaces. We try to keep our customers with efficient work and not with long working hours spent in the garden. We perform high-quality, conscientious work and have an efficient fleet of machines. We are constantly developing our motorized and battery-powered machines. We can handle the trimming of taller hedges from our own stand, and we have a branch grinder for chopping branches. My colleagues work in pairs, and I get to know the different tasks of gardening. Our company is a member of the National Association of Hungarian Gardeners.

magassági ágvágás

height hedge cutting

height hedge cutting

Our services are partial

Based on the needs of our customers, we divided the work processes of garden care into basic and luxury garden care. In addition, we have unique gardening services that are part of a separate agreement. Our gardening work is summarized below:

Recommended frequency

Gardening service


1-2 weeks from April to October.

Lawn mowing, edging, mowing.

Twice a year.

Lawn aeration.

Every week.

Weed control in manual and chemical beds and in paved areas.

Once a year in February.

Pruning, cutting back plants, rejuvenation, wound treatment of pruning surfaces, crown relief.

Once a year in the spring.

Detergent spraying of ornamental shrubs, ornamental trees and evergreens .

With a few shapes every year.

Plant protection, spraying against aphids, other insect pests and pathogens.

With one shape per month.

Hedge trimming and shape-forming pruning of trees and bushes.

Weekly from September to the end of November.

Collecting autumn leaves.


Keeping walking surfaces clean and cleaning gutters.


Street maintenance, lawn mowing, sidewalk sweeping, pruning and trimming of bushes and trees.

Once a month.

Programming an irrigation system, setting irrigation times and checking sprinklers.

Once in spring and autumn.

Filling the irrigation system with water, adjusting sprinklers, dewatering with a compressor in autumn.

Once a week.

Transporting gardening waste in green waste bags.

In winter, from the beginning of December to the beginning of March.

Winter de-skid every day of the week.


Three times a year.

Selective weeding of lawns.

3 times a year.

Nutrient supply (complex fertilizer and humus in the spring, then humus two more times during the growing season).

X per year. (80 liter) bag.

Replacement of pine bark.

With one shape per year.

Replacement of grass seed.

Once a year.

Inspection and pruning of trees with alpinists and tree nurses.

Once a year.

Planting flowering annuals.

X kg of road salt per year.

Procurement and delivery of road salt.


Once a year in autumn.

Replacement of old, extinct plants.

Unexpected damage: Work after storm damage, repair of a broken pipe, more serious plant protection problem.

Our price offer

Garden maintenance is carried out by our team of gardeners based on a specially prepared plan for each garden, with a free site survey. During a preliminary garden survey, we take into account the condition of the plants, their age, the size and exposure of the garden. We listen to the needs and requests of our customers.

Our price offer includes the necessary plant protection products, spring and autumn nutrient supply, and the removal of waste generated in the garden. As part of the garden care, we carry out the spring start-up of the irrigation systems and the frost protection before the winter sets in. Lawn surfaces in all gardens are ventilated in spring and autumn. We try to prevent the weeding of the grass and the spread of moss. In recent years, we have been trying to achieve this by improving the soil, restoring soil life and using non-selective herbicides to achieve a uniform, rich dark green lawn surface. We also undertake the installation of lawn carpets if our customer wants ready-made grass immediately. We have been engaged in the installation and maintenance of golf greens for 5 years.

hedge cutting from a stand

hedge cutting from a stand

Dangerous trees

We prepare an expert opinion on the old trees in the garden, and we can provide an accurate assessment of the condition of the trees with a tree knock inspection. We also work with several tree care horticultural engineers who have extensive experience in the field of tree care. If necessary, we will arrange the permits for the Municipality, and we will carry out the administrative work related to the felling of trees. To cut down larger, old,  dangerous trees , we ask alpinists to perform these jobs safely. 

Plant protection

During garden care and plant protection work, we take great care to protect the environment, and last but not least, the garden work is carried out by people who have a degree in horticulture. We give advice and help to carry out the further development of the garden.

plant protection

plant protection

We develop plant protection coordinated with other garden work against insect pests and various fungal diseases. Applying a lot of unnecessary spray can be avoided by careful pruning and other garden work. There are several types of environmentally friendly sprays that can be used to prevent plant diseases.

If chemical plant protection is still necessary, we have a more powerful motorized and battery-powered sprayer, so we can also provide plant protection for larger gardens.

We can save the boxwood from being chewed by the larvae of the boxwood moth, and the horse chestnut from dropping its leaves already in the middle of summer. Roses don’t stay lousy, and evergreens don’t get sick either.

Irrigation systems

Maintenance of existing irrigation systems is carried out as part of garden care in all gardens when necessary. We are prepared for minor and major repairs, replacement of nozzles, valves, and installation of pipes. The irrigation systems are blown out with a compressor before the frosts. We set up the automatic watering system and start up the irrigation system in the spring.

We undertake the construction of new irrigation systems, with a guarantee.

irrigation system

Irrigation system maintenance

Lawn aeration

With lawn aeration, moss and smaller plant waste can be cleaned from the grass. We only recommend aerating well-established, multi-year-old lawns, not loosening 1-2-year-old lawns. The blades of the lawn aeration machine also loosen the soil, thus preventing the compaction of lawn areas. The working depth of the machine can be changed, so it can be set anywhere to gently clean the grass without twisting the grass clumps. Refreshing older grass areas in autumn and spring promotes healthy grass growth. It is extremely effective to combine this with nutrient supplementation, because in this case the lawn fertilizer enters the root zone of the grass directly.

Lawn mowing, lawn care

Mowing the lawn is one of the most basic garden services, even though the world of robotic lawnmowers is the future, there are still areas where it is necessary to cut the grass by hand. With several types of small, high-performance gasoline and battery-powered lawnmowers and mowers, we quickly solve grass mowing, even in large areas. We adjust the edges with a smaller powered damilos lawnmower. Collecting the grass is not a problem, but we also have machines equipped with a mulching function. We recommend mulching on decorative lawns, where only a very small amount of grass is cut each week. The machine cuts the clippings into very small pieces, so when they fall between the grass blades of the lawn, they reduce the drying out of the soil and replenish the nutrients, without suffocating the lawn.

mowing the lawn

mowing the lawn

With our roller mower, we can cut the grass to a few mm, we mainly use this mower to cut green lawns.

We also undertake the cleaning of neglected areas with a higher-powered motorized mower, and we can chop up smaller bushes in tall grass with a saw disc.

mowing the grass

mowing the lawn, mowing the lawn

Turf carpet

If you can’t wait weeks for the grass to grow from seed and get stronger. Do you want a continuous, beautiful lawn quickly? We recommend lawn bricks for gardens where you want to use the grass immediately and watering is feasible. We deliver the lawn bricks in rolls of 1 m 2 , after preparing the ground, we spread and roll down the continuous grass, which can even be used for football from then on.

Plant care in the garden and office

If you need help not only with garden work, but also if you have indoor plants, Mediterranean plants on your terrace, annual seedlings, or any other plants in your office. We will transplant and arrange these as well, and you can even ask us for regular maintenance. Click here if you want to read more about our office plant care service:

office plant care

office plant care